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Welcome to our club !!

When joining our club there is a one-off Joining fee of 10.


Our 2019 yearly adult subscription fee stays the same as last year - Only 30.


Juniors (Under 16): For Juniors the one-off Joining fee is 10, but yearly subscription is half price, 15.


OAP's (Over 65): The fee for OAP's is the same as the Juniors  above.



You must have BMFA insurance to fly at our site


Proof will need to be shown when joining, if you do not have BMFA insurance, our club Secretary can arrange to get this for you, at the BMFA's current cost.



BMFA 2019 costs are:


Adults 34 per year.

Juniors at reduced rate,

please ask when joining.


Another new member !!

Come on down!! "The Price is Right"
Please click on our "Joining Notice" page for the
latest information on joining our club.


Membership Fees added by Dave.


Braunstone Park Flyers, Dave & Ashley 2006-2007