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Prize Quiz

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The Winner of our first Prize Quiz is: Gerry Crossman, from Bristol.
Congratulations and well done Gerry, you have won 5. The money has been sent to your home address, thank you for taking part, and look out for our next random "Prize Quiz", You never know your luck !!
Gerry flys at Weston-super-Mare Model Flying club, Hi Guys !!.
Don't forget our "Prize Quizes" are open to everyone, so come on the rest of you, look out for our next "Prize Quiz" you could win a "Fiver" just like Gerry, give it a try !!.

Below this point is an example of our first prize quiz:


Welcome to our first prize quiz, WIN 5 !!!!!



All you have to do is answer the following questions correctly, the first person to email us with all the correct answers is the winner, and will receive a 5 cheque, simple eh!!.



Every answer is the name of a famous football team within the English and Scottish League Divisions. GOOD LUCK !!!


1 Heavyweight toilet 26 Cowboys have them
2 Wild dogs 27 Collection of arms
3 Professor of rollers 28 Latest fort
4 Glass mansion 29 Famous jockey
5 Male meadow 30 Keep the fire burning
6 Animals car 31 Where you send an enemy
7 Dirty water 32 Where else do you get nylons
8 Males together 33 Bottom of a ship
9 Push a weight 34 Putting underground
10 Steel city day 35 Famous haircut of yesterday
11 Always one hundred 36 Famous President
12 Calling birds not near 37 Complete bacon
13 Famous for their OAP buns 38 Not an Eastern dish 
14 Wombles vs Macenroe 39 Bonnies vicious partner
15 A prison clock 40 Hawaian greeting
16 Detectives need them 41 Vital organs
17 Famous football brothers 42 Vehicle surrounded by water
18 Lack of moisture in the air 43 What burglars do
19 Opposite of dull / off 44 Naked lights a candle
20 Organ of small lake 45 Max after cotton factory
21 Lock the door 46 Cows private land
22 Smashes up cars 47 Far East connection
23 Share of harbour 48 A tangled wood
24 A mucky Scottish stream 49 Royal leisure area
25 What brothers might say 50 Certain car parked outside
over an ill parent

a spanish house

This quiz is open to everyone,  not just our club members !!

Make a note of all your answers, then go to the form below this text, fill in all the boxes and your answers, and if you are the lucky winner, we will email you to let you know that you have won 5

If no one has sent us all of the correct answers, the 5 prize will go to the first person with the most correct answers, before the quiz closing date, which is 1/6/06 at 12pm Midnight. Anyone who enters more than once will be disqualified.

Your Name?
Your Email?
Your nearest Town or Village?
Your Answers? Question number 1st, then Answer

We have a winner!!!
The winner has been emailed, and his details will appear here soon.
Note! We will be having more quizzies on our site, WATCH THIS SPACE !!.

Quiz Page added by Dave.


Braunstone Park Flyers, Dave & Ashley 2006-2007