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Safety Officer. Behave or I'll have yer !!


Safety is our number 1 priority!. Do not do anything that may compromise the safety of the general public, club members or anyone else.

Every club member is a safety officer. If you see something that you consider is dangerous, approach the offender in a polite but firm manner.

Frequency control. Check that no one else is flying on your frequency before every flight. Make sure that your peg is on the “Peg Board” before switching on your transmitter. If you see anyone flying that you do not recognize, please approach them and advise them of these guidelines

Pre-flight checks. Check that all the controls on your model work correctly and the model is fit to be flown. Ask for advice and help, particularly if you are an inexperienced pilot, or you are test flying a new model. Always do a proper range check on new models/radio gear. Do not fly any models if you are experiencing any radio or control problems until they are fixed.

When flying, keep a safe distance from yourself, other club members, and members of the public.

When landing your model think of what might happen if you need to over fly the landing and go round again. Allow yourself an "escape route" and do not choose a landing approach that may involve flying towards, or over, anybody.

You must always be prepared to take avoiding action to avoid an accident with a club member/member of the public etc, even if this means crashing your model.

At any time you are not flying, YOU are a safety officer. Keep fliers informed of approaching members of the public, animals, etc.

All club members should make themselves aware of the contents of the BMFA handbook, which will have been issued to them when they joined the BMFA.

If in doubt, always ask for advice and assistance!

Important Safety Notice!


Some of the first production batch of these transmitters have a potentially dangerous fault in the CPU. If the timer is programmed to be triggered by the throttle stick (to give an estimate of fuel remaining) the end-point on the right aileron may also set to zero. Effectively the use of the timer in this way can cause loss of aileron control. If you own one of these transmitters please check it for this fault.

The problem can be overcome by resetting the aileron end-point AFTER the timer has been set but you must remember to do this each time you adjust the timer and for every model with which you use it. Accordingly, if you own one of these faulty transmitters, we strongly recommend that you either return it to the shop or directly to Ripmax and ask for it to be repaired or replaced.

      Important!  You must check that all controls are working correctly immediately before every take off.

I'm getting really dizzy now !!

Safety / Safety Notices page added by Dave.


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