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Club History


Our model flying started as a small group of enthusiasts on Western Park in Leicester, the flying area was limited but we made the best of what space there was, it got a little busy sometimes so we had to be very careful, we enjoyed this site for quite a while, overall not a bad site, with some good flying days, however one day we had a visit from a council representative who told us that we were not allowed to fly there anymore, so we looked for an alternative place to fly.


We did find another suitable flying site on Beaumont Park, Beaumont Leys, Leicester, and started to use it. At this time we had meetings with the Leicester City Council and the BMFA with the aim to get an official flying site and club set up, so we put rules and regulations into place hoping that the City Council would agree to this.


As time went on our group grew, but with this, so did our problems, some of our members would not get insured. We decided to split from these people and not to fly again at Beaumont Leys.


During our time at this site we did get numerous days of very bad electrical interference, and lost many models because of this, in fact, whilst flying on one of these days we lost 5 models. A small flying area, otherwise not too bad.


We now have the full support of the Leicester City Council, and are affiliated to the BMFA, and now fly on Braunstone Park, a much larger flying area, brilliant flying times of 10am until dusk everyday, better, more secure car parking, no interference problems, and a wheelchair friendly site. Wow what a result!!!!


Thanks to the Leicester City Council, and the BMFA.

(See our separate "Thank you" page).


Braunstone Park Flyers, Dave & Ashley 2006-2007