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Here are some useful Tips & Hints
This is the start of our useful Tips & Hints page, please keep checking this page because there are more to come.
Wing Bolts

To stop the wing bolts from falling out when your aeroplane wings are being removed, cut a 1/16" thick piece of fuel tubing, and then screw the bolt through this tubing on the underneath of the wing, until it reaches the bottom of the threaded part of the screw, it will stop the bolts falling out. - Try it !!



Rubber Band Storage

Here is a good way to store your rubber bands. Just put them in a plastic bag, and cover them with Talcum Powder . This will soak up the exhaust oils and condition the rubber and help them last longer.


Clear Canopy Polish

Use toothpaste on the canopy. Smear a liberal amount of toothpaste on the canopy and use toilet tissue to buff the canopy to a glossy finish that will not scratch at all. Then use alcohol cleaner to remove any residue left by the toothpaste. It works very well, -  give it a try !!

Info added by Dave.


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