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The following information is for
Club Members Only
Please check this page frequently for our latest info

Important 1 


Due to Phill's behaviour on Saturday 10th of May 08, Phill has been told that he must leave our club and return his park entrance key.

A full refund has been given to him, plus his 25 key deposit.


If Phill is does come over to our flying area all flying must stop until he leaves the park, until further notice.


Anyone seen breaking this ruling will be severely reprimanded, have their membership suspended, and could also be told to leave our club.



Important 2
1. We have been told by the Parks Dept, to park by the hedge near the footpath until further notice, so that we don't churn up the grass, or cause too many ruts, effective from today's date, Wednesday 6th of Feb 08, please ensure that you all park accordingly, thank you!
 2. Members must only use the right-hand drop down bollard (viewed from the entrance to the park), until the left hand bollard has had its lock repaired properly, from 13/2/08 until further notice.
Anyone found using the wrong one will have their key confisticated, until this lock has been repaired.


NO FLY Days:
There are some no fly dates during 2008, so check here first to avoid a wasted journey.
No fly dates are as follows -
Sunday the 22nd of June - No flying until after 3.00pm.
No flying from 30/6/08 until 7/7/08 - Billy Bates Fun Fair on our site.
No flying from 26/8/08 until 1/9/08 - Billy Bates Fun Fair on our site again.
Club Meeting Information:
Brief information about our AGM on 2/9/07, below.
1. We appointed a new Safety Officer - Simon Brewin, alias "Spadman".
2. Every member must have their own first-aid kit.
3. There will be some amendments to our club rules (will be printed  soon) and all members will be given a copy.
4. Incident / Accident forms will be issued to all members.
Any Important Information:
(Will be added here)
Sunday 2/9/07 - Our Club AGM - Bees Knees Pub, Leicester at 7.45 PROMPT, if you are late you will be stood against Malc's tree, shot and dagga daggered until you are dead, and stiff as a board, and you won't be invited to any more meetings. Ho Ho !!

Latest Key news. Due to people messing us about and not returning keys to us, we have increased the key deposit deposit to 25, to encourage people to return their keys if they leave our club.
Every member will pay 25, existing, and new members, so from the 1st of May 07, we will be asking you for the extra amount when we see you. So, just like the Boy Scout motto, "Be prepared !!"
Note! - Existing members will not be allowed to re-join our club next year if this hasn't been paid.
Other less important information:
(Will be added here, Club Barbeques, Flying Competitions, Fun Days etc) 


Hopeful Mid-week Flying Days:
Have you got a day off, or have a day when you would like to go flying?. Just email me, phone me, or text me, and i'll put the info in the space below, thanks!, Dave.
Arranged Mid-Week Flying Days:
Waiting for input from members !

Note!, Obviously the above "Arranged" and "Hopeful" are weather dependant, if all is good, they will be on.

More Club info:
We will definitely be buying a Helium bottle and balloons this year (2008), even if I have to get them myself, so that we can have Balloon Busting Competitions, for everyone -  Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert levels.
We will also be buying Poles and Streamers for "Limbo" Competitions.
I will inform everyone later of intended dates.
Other Club Services:
Do you need an extra couple of inches !!! 
If you need an extension lead, or a "Y" lead, talk to Steve on: Leicester 2856421, and he will make you one (Futaba or JR), and he only charges 1 per plug (any length).
Steve is also selling Receiver aerial wire - very thin and flexible - yellow - 50p per metre.
Talk to Steve as well if you need a sprung wire undercarriage for your plane, he has the wire and the wire bender to do it, just give him a call. Note! - all of these are for members only.
I know this is nothing to do with flying, but take a look at these ......... WOW !!!!!!!


Hot News !! .  "Malc's Tree" is no longer Malc's Tree, Leigh has now taken over this prestigious title by CRASHING both of his planes into the tree, on two consecutive weekends. On both occasions the plane hit the tree very high up, and stayed there.
Ask him, or other members how we got them down.
So the tree is now "Leigh's Tree", UNLESS YOU CAN DO BETTER !!!!.............

We need more idea's, have a think (I know it's hard), my brain hurts as well.

All Members please have a think! 
Is there any information that you would like to see on
just let me know, thanks! - Dave



Braunstone Park Flyers, Dave & Ashley 2006-2007