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The following information is for
Club Members Only
Please check this page frequently for our latest info

IMPORTANT - Remember, no flying until all club requirements have been met, ie: BMFA Insurance, Transmitter test, Pits equipment etc

You won't get your 2012 badge until these have been done, and you know what that means - NO BADGE, NO FLY.........  As Meerkat says - "SIMPLES !!!!"


The free food has now ended - but we may do something similar soon, during this cold weather - keep checking here for more info.
Car Parking - next to the hedge only, until further notice.

Club funds will not be used to pay for any damage or deep ruts caused, they will be charged to the person responsible.

If you haven't looked on our weather page for a while, check out the new BBC Weather site. In my opinion, very good, and easy to use, with the latest weather summary for our area "in Video".

2012 No-Fly dates
None at the moment - keep checking here for updates.
Other less important information:
(Will be added here, Club Barbeques, Flying Competitions, Fun Days etc) 


Hopeful Mid-week Flying Days:
Have you got a day off, or have a day when you would like to go flying?. Just email me, phone me, or text me, and i'll put the info in the space below, thanks!, Dave.
Arranged Mid-Week Flying Days:
Waiting for input from members !

Note!, Obviously the above "Arranged" and "Hopeful" are weather dependant, if all is good, they will be on.
Club Services:
Do you need an extra couple of inches !!! 
If you need an extension lead, or a "Y" lead, talk to Steve on: Leicester 2856421, and he will make you one (Futaba or JR), and he only charges 50p per plug (any length).
Steve is also selling Receiver aerial wire - very thin and flexible - yellow - 50p per metre.
Talk to Steve as well if you need a sprung wire undercarriage for your plane, he has the wire and the wire bender to do it, just give him a call. Note! - all of these are for members only.


Is there any information that you would like to see on
just let me know, thanks! - Dave.


Braunstone Park Flyers, Dave & Ashley 2006-2007