Braunstone Park Flyers, Leicester.

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BPF's Logo

B  R  A  U  N  S  T  O  N  E          P  A  R  K          F  L  Y  E  R  S
( BMFA affiliation number 2492 )

Our club is approved and supported by the Leicester City Council, we are also BMFA affiliated.


This is our 17th year of flying on Braunstone Park!. The following types of model are flown at our club:

Fixed wing, Helicopters, I.C Powered models, Battery Powered models, and Control Line models.


We have a very welcoming and friendly club, and fly on the largest park In Leicester, 168 acres.

Our flying area is approx 25 acres, and has a large separate flying area for Control Line models, and a large separate area for "Heli Novices" to practice in.

We welcome sensible flyers of any level, and also welcome total novices. We have many years of flying experience between us, so we can offer lots of useful tips and advice.


We have a great flying site, our Take-off / Landing area gets cut every week (spring to winter) by the Parks Department. We also have great flying times of 10am till dusk every day, and ample secure parking right next to where we fly, our site is also wheelchair friendly.

What more can you want.


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